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As the deer thirsts for water, so my soul longs for you O God  

~A Psalmist ~


Welcome to a place where important questions find meaningful answers through discovery of God in the ancient, relevant writings. It’s more than discovery ~ it is experiencing life changing presence and truth.


My life is full of problems.
How am I going to live, how am I going to get rid of my problems?



Unforgiveness is like a jail. And when you do not forgive it’s like you put yourself in a dark jail.


Can i live in freedom?

Is there a freedom that will keep me away from sin?

Why is everything getting worse?

 What is really happening?

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Is there safety in this world?

How can I be protected?


Is there a real love?

What is love? Is it only a fleshly desire and pleasure?

Life and more

Do you want to live a life to its fullness?

Do you always desire life and more?

Has God given up on me?

 Am I a lost cause?

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I feel lonely

Why do I feel so lonely and insecure?

Can I get free from the fear of loneliness?